November 2016


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Testimonial by Ramiza This is my letter or better to say, my resume after four weeks spent in Opatija. From the very first contact with you (Wellbe), I felt I came to the right place, with the true professionals, people who know what they are doing. This was my second time in Opatija, however, th


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Testimonial by Annica My EnergyManagement courses go very well with Wellbe! They are just the best partners to work with. I so much like and appriciate their readiness, genuine thougtfulness, creativity and flexibility to organize various programmes for companies, small and big groups, focusing o

Human organ transplantation

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Every country is the best or, better to say, number one in something. For example, the USA is the number one in spam emails, Sweden is the best in pop music, Austria is best in paid time off and Croatia is the world number one in organ donor transplantation rates, in relation to the number of inhabitants, of course.