About Wellbe

Who are we?

Wellbe is dedicated to providing top quality medical services for visitors from abroad in Istria and Kvarner, Croatia. Our treatments have been specifically chosen to be of interest to travellers and our team of doctors selected as being the best in their fields.

Established by a team of Croatian and international medical and insurance experts and business consultants, Wellbe unites an understanding of travellers’ requirements, especially from Scandinavia, with detailed knowledge of Istria and Kvarner’s private medical and tourism industries.

Although Wellbe is a new company, founded in 2014, it calls on over ten years’ experience of working with private medical practitioners throughout Croatia, enabling us to select the best procedures, doctors and clinics. Many of these already have experience of working with Scandinavian clients.

Wellbe has been founded with the strongest of ethical principles. As our clients’ well-being and care are our top priority, we only propose appropriate treatments – even if that means recommending no treatment at all. All procedures and costs are well-explained ahead of time, and all treatment is totally confidential: your privacy and confidentiality are secure at all times.

While our offering has been developed with the Scandinavian market in mind, this doesn’t mean we are a Scandi-only service! It is just our starting point and, by meeting Scandinavia’s internationally-recognised high standards, we expect our service will appeal to clients Europe-wide and beyond.

Over time, we will be expanding and developing our service portfolio, ensuring we always offer the best and most current procedures and treatments available. To ensure we always keep pace with our international customers’ requirements, we are developing ties with a wide range of national and international interest groups. We will use these relationships to tailor our services and help spread information about Wellbe.

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Wellbe Team

Igor Lemic

Igor is a trained medical nurse and sports teacher. His professional life has been characterised by teaching sporting activities with a focus on health and movement. Igor has over 20 years of experience as a sports teacher and swimming instructor.

Since 2017, Igor has used his knowledge, skills and experience in health, sports and human physiology to help Wellbe’s customers find the services that best meet their needs.

Damir Rovis

For 12 years Damir worked in Zagreb as a management board member of Basler insurance (main distributor of professional insurance for the medical profession) and for the last 3 years as a partner in an insurance agency specialising in the medical profession and services.

In addition, he is well acquainted with medical services from his position as a board member in Nemetova (now Aviva) polyclinic in Zagreb and Medico polyclinic in Rijeka. Damir has an extensive and in-depth knowledge of the private Croatian medical sector.

Branka Kuzmanović

After 20 years of professional experience in banking (corporate banking and treasury operations), Branka worked as strategic communications consultant for banks and corporations in Croatia as well as an HR specialist in executive search and selection.

She has a well-developed network among the international business community in Croatia and abroad. In 2012 Branka worked as interim manager in Riga (Latvia) for an international corporate communications consulting firm. For several years she worked as a supervisory board member of two large tourist companies in Istria and Kvarner and an international real estate fund established in Croatia.

Elizabeta Glasnović Raguž

My career began as a tour operator in Croatia in 1978 on the islands of Hvar and Brač.

I wanted to help people, my Swedish friends and acquaintances, get to know each other better and discover something new while travelling together. Since I started they have been finding out more about Croatia, the Croatian language, Croatian culture and literature. Croatia has a lot to offer, much more than just the sun and the endless azure sea.

Combining health, creativity, fun and Croatia has been my dream since I created my company Kroativa. Now I am pleased to be able to further this aim through my company’s co-operation with Wellbe, the healthcare specialists founded in Sweden by Croatians, and me as their customer contact person.

Ask me anything, I am happy to help you!

For further information about Wellbe or our healthcare packages, please contact me, Elizabeta Glasnović Raguž, on the following:

Telephone: + 46 70 636 41 37

Mail: elizabeta@wellbeskandi.se

Nenad Kuzmanović

Nenad has been supporting the Wellbe companies with digital marketing advice and guidance, particularly website organization ideas, since the incorporation of the Croatian based parent company. In September 2016 he joined Wellbe as a member of the Management Board.

Nenad holds a Master’s degree in IT Management from the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb. After graduating, Nenad set upon developing his experience and skills  in the IT industry as an account executive in Convergent Media Group, an international digital marketing company, with a full-service office based in Pula, Croatia (CMG), working with large global companies on planning, organizing, digital technology consulting and marketing.

He is currently engaged as a systems analyst in a locally based IT software innovation and development company specializing in enterprise resource planning and IQ systems for a wide range of SME companies around the SE Europe region.

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