Thalassotherapia is one of Europe’s leading centres for cardiac disease treatments

Recommended for coalescences following cardiac procedures or heart diseases

The hospital offers modern analytical methods, training and extensive rehabilitation programme.

Cardiac diseases treatments

Indications for medical treatments:

Acute myocardial infarction,

  • Aortic coronary bypass and inserted artificial valve
  • Transplanted patients
  • Patients with other cardiac failure

Since 2017, the Heart Catheterization Laboratory enables invasive diagnostic methods, such as:

  • Invasive coronagraph
  • Cardio version
  • Implantation of coronary stent or balloon

Price information

Indicative price based on full board, single room and two weeks stay with prescribed daily medical treatments:

  • from €2,100 in a standard room (equivalent to 3 stars hotel)
  • from 2,400 for single use

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The medical rehabilitation comprises of:

  • Physical training,
  • Measures of secondary prevention
  • Elimination of possible psychological disturbances
  • The use of permanent physical activity in the form of controlled, dosed and interval training
  • Various psychological testing methods
  • Conversations with psychologists and psychotherapists
  • Secondary prevention measures seek to eliminate risk factors and begin lifestyle changes.
  • Education and information about the risk factors and their elimination, as well as about the diet and way of life in the family and in the workplace.


  • In Thalassotherapia you train intensively and with the reliable experts.
  • You also get knowledge about your illness, lifestyle issues and more through various lectures.
  • To the whole, you should feel good and relaxed.
  • You will enjoy good wholesome Mediterranean cuisine, social interaction, and not least of sun, warmth and swimming.

photo by Cathrine Hedborg


Accommodation and board service:

  • Single or double rooms, full board
  • Unlimited usage of the pool with warm sea water
  • Free usage of fitness (gym)
  • Free usage of gowns, as a part of hotel/room service and free towel at the pool area

The Thalassotherapia kitchen is open for any diet and food suggestions that could be arranged in advance.

General information about Thalassotherapia Opatija

Thalassotherapia gained recognition by several European and world health institutes. Several European public health insurances have been sending their patients for various treatments on regular yearly base.

It requires booking a place in advance but through our facilitation, this could be done swiftly.

It is a modern facility composed by several period villas and new buildings, all connected with warm, covered corridors.

Besides the hospital and medical part, there is a modern wellness centre with temperate sea water pools and a good offer of various beauty and relaxation treatment.

In Thalassotherapia Opatija you sense the long (over 50 years) tradition and experience in modern medical rehabilitation medicine. However, Opatija was established as a health resort 130 years ago and was visited by clients from Central Europe of that time. The signs of the period is in a charming way visible today in Opatija’s houses, hotels and buildings as well as beautiful parks and sea promenade.

•The Thalassotherapia clinic is located between the green mountains and the clear blue Adriatic.

  • The town of Opatija is 15 kilometers south-west from Rijeka and only 40 km from the Rijeka airport.
    The other close by airports are: Pula (98 km), Zagreb (184 km), Ljubljana (129 km), Trieste (103 km), Venice (214 km).

Thalassotherapia Opatija also offers esthetic and plastic surgery, available at very convenient prices, which can be quoted upon request.

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