Another great thing you can do for your health, relaxation and fun here in Istria and Kvarner is cycling. Both of these two regions offer some interesting, challenging as well as comfortable trails for all bike types and users.

I’ve seen many and more and more cyclists touring around the area and I hear that many more still are interested in coming here for the first time, while many are coming again. Several of my Swedish friends reminded me recently that this specific fitness and healthy activity could be an additional trigger for them to come here and spend some time cycling as well as engaging in other rehabilitation treatments that are offered.

In my opinion, spring and autumn months are the best for cycling in Istria and Kvarner. Summers are good, too, although it can be a bit too hot for strong physical activity such as cycling.

One can certainly choose to cycle along the long and attractive seaside tracks, flat and easy, comfortable for families or people with lower fitness level.

However, many of the tracks are real challenges for good, experienced and fit cyclists. The fact is that both, Istria and Kvarner have rather hilly and mountain landscapes which inevitably means steep slopes,  uphill and downhill, narrow, and sometimes gravel, tracks. On the other hand, the views from some of the trails are spectacular and breath-taking. It is not rare that you can, on a crisp, clear day from one spot enjoy the view of the sea and the Alps at the same time! This is the great attraction of our regions and many fall for this.

For these and few more good reasons, tourist and health professionals have prepared interesting programmes accompanied with detailed maps for cyclists and those important tips and advice that can make your life easier once you decide that you wish explore the area on your bike. They are determined to create the synergy of all business partners in tourism and health in Istria and Kvarner, so that they are recognized as quality tourist regions for active visitors all year round.


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