When was the last time you were dancing? Do you like dancing?

I think there are very few people who do not like to dance but sometimes the question is confidence and daring to expose oneself doing something we are not perfect at doing.

I like dance and dancing very much. It is not that I am an expert in ballroom dances, ballet or any other genre. I just enjoy doing it as well as watching other people dancing, be they professionals or amateurs. There is so much joy and fun in this activity that is probably as old as human civilization.

Dance is an excellent way to stay active, move around and have good fun.

Most of us are nowhere near active enough and fail to do half the exercise that we really should be doing in order to be healthy. The human body is simply not designed to be still for long periods of time unless we are sleeping, and yet we spend a huge proportion of our time either sitting at a desk at work or collapsed on the couch at home. It is no wonder that obesity is so often a problem and many of us complain of back pain!

For these and for many other reasons, dance is one of the very best options to overcome or avoid these issues. Not only is dance a lot of fun, but it’s also incredibly good for your health for a whole range of reasons. To mention just a few: weight loss, muscle tone, improved posture, as well as flexibility and balance. Then, your “body awareness” improves, which basically allows you to estimate where your body is in space at any given time. This is related to balance, but also to spatial awareness and agility. Finally, dancing is a fantastic way to improve your mood, the health benefits of which should not be underrated.

Dancing is fit for people of all ages, shapes and sizes, so do not hesitate.

So, I thought it would be good to dance this year away with the last blog composed in 2016, and with this I wish you good health and great New Year, 2017!