How many times have we been surprised or shocked seeing a friend or acquaintance walking cheerfully one day and then the following day the person wears a plaster or bandage? Yes, falls and similar accidents are unfortunate events of our daily life.

Although that kind of injury can be bad for a person of any age, it is somehow more dangerous and has greater consequences when it happens to an elderly person.

In the last couple of months we in Wellbe have come across several persons with severe injuries caused by a fall. The common thing for all three of them was that the fall caused such a bad spine injury that they now have to use a wheelchair to move around.

It is sad, but also they are brave people and in some cases we were sincerely pleased to see some improvements in their condition. We hope and are looking forward to even more recovery and to stay in touch with them when they visit our rehabilitation centres again.

Within the groups to which Wellbe is offering various rehabilitation treatment packages in Croatia (usually for rheumatic conditions), there are also several other people who need to use wheelchairs. Although this is a bit of the challenge because this is not our specialty, we always do our best to accommodate them and to offer them the facilities and treatments that will make them feel a part of the group and enjoy relaxing time that rehabilitation days and weeks on the Mediterranean bring.

I believe every adult person is careful and cautious enough in regard to typical falls risks and their prevention. However, it is probably good to be reminded of the most common related issues which are the reasons for falls, either outside or especially inside the home.

It is not just that falls cause bones fractures or head injuries, but they can also cause an older adult to become fearful or depressed, making it difficult for them to stay active.

Falls can be prevented and here are few things to consider and check out in order to keep falls far from your threshold:

  • Gain and regain your co-ordination and balance by active exercises and moving
  • As vision and also hearing deteriorate, the risk of a fall increases. Check these senses regularly
  • Some medications can cause dizziness, so be aware of the side effects of the pills you are taking
  • Ask your younger family members or friends to help you move the furniture in your home that is in way and can easily cause a stumble or fall
  • Around 90% of older people have some chronic condition, such as diabetes, arthritis or some neurological problem. These increase the risk of a fall and, therefore, all the necessary
  • precautions should be taken to avoid the consequences of the lost functions, inactivity or even depression

It is a responsibility of us all to raise awareness of these risks because many of them could be prevented, so that our older family members or friends can live a more carefree life.