In our blogs we’ve been talking about health sources arising from the air, the sea, the plants…but what about the earth, and deeper, from its bowels? What comes to your mind when you think earth and health?

Certainly, many minerals, ore, but also the oil. Today’s world is still hard to imagine without the energy from that liquid gold.

However, the specific sort of oil – the naphthenic oil has been used for over 600 years exclusively in medical treatments and also in preventing certain diseases.

Naftalan, petroleum mineral oil obtained by the distillation of naphthenic oil, thanks to its natural therapeutic factors, is used by one of Croatia’s rehabilitation hospitals within the treatments they perform for skin and other diseases. There are only two sites in the world known where this mineral resource, naphthalene, can be found: one in the city of Naftalan in Azerbaijan and the other in Croatia, near the Croatian capital Zagreb.

During many years of professional work, the team of medical doctors at this special Croatian hospital has developed many successful methods of treatment for skin diseases such as psoriasis, dermatitis, and atopic dermatitis.

Seven years ago one part of the hospital started producing cosmetic products based on this valuable resource, with very good results and track record. This combination of medical and cosmetic knowledge has turned the area into a very attractive place for more and more interested clients from various countries, coming for medical as well as aesthetic treatments.

The products can be used on all parts of the body. To improve the effect of naphthalene these creams and oils can be used under transparent adherent film patched on the affected area, which has the effect of sauna: the pores open and naphthalene penetrates deeper into the skin, thereby improving its performance. Such methods are especially recommended for the scalp.

Since these products do not contain corticosteroids, they are also suitable for children above 3 years.

The famous world traveler, Marco Polo, provided one of the first accounts on the healing effects of this natural remedy – naftalan. On his travel to China he came upon naftalan wells, and described them in his travelogue, “Libre des merveilles du monde”, also known as “Million”. He described big wells filled with oil, which was not edible, but was being used to treat skin diseases and pain in limbs.

It is now your choice, of course, depending on your special health interests or needs, to turn as much as you can to natural sources of health and wellbeing and visit some of the sites, especially when they are so unique and have beneficial effects on your body and health.