Polyclinic Peharec in Pula, Croatia, specialises in physical and medical rehabilitation, and is well known to a thousands of athletes and, especially, among sports experts, managers and therapists.

It is several decades since Mr. Stanisalv Peharec, having gained a PhD in spine biomechanics, started his successful career, dedicated to the rehabilitation of acute and chronic lumbar pain syndrome as well as other painful conditions of the locomotive system.

The motto of Mr. Peharec is not to operate on the patient unnecessarily but to help him recover naturally just through manipulative rehabilitation, if possible.

His system and method is accepted and highly recognised among his peers, so that today he is often regarded as the founder of manipulation and rehabilitation medicine in this region.

His polyclinic has been visited by many top footballers, tennis players, athletes and he was, for more than a decade, the main therapist of the Croatian national handball team, one of the most successful title-winning teams in the recent history of the sport.

One of the challenges Mr. Peharec took on was the construction of the seat and special sport shoes for Ferrari drivers, in particular Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barichello.  Mr Peharec says with some pride that Schumacher won two champion’s titles driving in “his seat”. He was invited to find solutions for the drivers’ pain in legs, hips and spine and it worked very well with his specially designed drivers’ seats, shoes and throttle pedals.

Besides cooperation with Ferrari, he also worked with Lotto shoes, Dr. Scholl, Gozzola and several others.