Woods, mountains, natural beauties – all these are important for our well-being and make us long for having more of them more often in our ordinary routine.

Along with the start of the New Year, the mind usually sets on activities, plans… but there is also another area that silently stays and lives within one’s thoughts –nature, its calming beauty and relaxing effects that are so very important and needed in everyday life. Woods, mountains, natural beauties – all these make us long for having more of them more often in our ordinary routine.

These days I have shortly glimpsed through the book „Norwegian Wood“ by Lars Mytting and was fascinated by his approach to woods, by beautiful photographs of various wood piles and all sort of shapes and pictures created from woods. How appropriate for long winter evenings!

Croatia is rich with woods, too. There are picturesque forests inland, on the mountains and hills, as well as on plateaus that spread between the seaside and continental part of the country. However, the sea shore, especially the northern part of the Croatian Adriatic, is well planted with woods, mostly pines and other evergreen trees, maquis and, of course, olive groves, fig trees, vineyards and many types of herbs.

There are so many beautiful natural areas worth visiting and they are well presented in a number of travel guides as national parks and nature parks.

I am convinced that nature lovers who will wander in any one of the national or nature parks in Croatia will be in awe: Croatia is more than just beaches. In my opinion, the mixture of all these natural elements strongly affects our feeling of well-being and brings us closer to the true power of nature. I believe you agree that the environment can have a positive impact on physical, mental and social health that is on our happiness, life satisfaction or well-being.

Well-being is in the heart of our work. We think of it as not just absence of pain, discomfort and incapacity that we are dealing with, but also the determination to get people, nature-lovers and those who appreciate the quality of life, more familiar with the importance of the elements of nature and its significance to our health. The combination of the sea and fresh air from the green woods; the impact of pleasant climate on the peace of mind, the walks with breathing exercises under the caring guidance of therapists, the relaxation, the mindfulness.

We wish that your New Year starts with thoughts dedicated to nature and to your well-being.