Introduction, about Wellbe and Croatian healthcare opportunities

About Wellbe and Healthcare in Croatia

Wellbe is a Swedish based company and its main business goal is to organize visits of Swedish citizens to Croatia in order for them to perform different healthcare services and treatments, such as preventive screening (general of specialist ones), medical rehabilitation (rheumatic, psoriasis, neurologists, cardiac, allergies or after injuries) amongst others. Besides health focus, Wellbe provides comprehensive and interesting visit programmes, which can include cultural presentations, visits to significant national natural sights and views, specialist local food, wine and olive oil presentations and many more.

With the corporate world in mind for the moment, we would like to remind you of a few topics which are shown in more detail below and, maybe which is more interesting, we can very easily organize for you, either personally or in a group (family or business group).

Preventive and personalized healthcare

Preventive health screening

You get one body to live with and you want to keep it moving and functioning. Getting older shouldn’t automatically mean you slow down. One of the best ways to stay on the move is with preventive health care. Key screenings and tests can help doctors find medical problems early — before they cause bigger problems that make them more complicated to treat.

Don’t let the cost or lack of time keep you from having these tests. Think about your health screening in the context of having some relaxed time away from home, for example. With Wellbe’s offer you can take all the key tests while having your holiday on the sunny Croatian Adriatic coast, in an internationally certified polyclinic in one day or during a long weekend in the Croatian capital Zagreb.

General Checkup Woman


Here are just a few recommended health screening tests, but you can choose your own program: 

  1. Relaxation and anti-stress programme
  2. Skin examination with dermatoscopy
  3. Comprehensive diabetes screening
  4. Cardiological examination
  5. Eye examination
  6. Magnetic resonance angiogram (MRA)
  7. Thyroid and neck ultrasound
  8. Breast ultrasound and mammography
  9. Abdomen MSCT (multi-slice computed tomography)
  10. Abdomen MR (magnetic resonance)
  11. Internist/gastroenterologists examination

With this screening done abroad you will be the only one to own the data that relate to your health and it will be your decision when and where you will take further steps, if necessary. It is your health and your insurance check!

General Checkup Man


No one looks forward to going to the doctor’s surgery, especially when most guys have the mentality of “Why go to the doctor’s if I don’t feel sick?” But the truth is, it’s better to be proactive about your health than wait for something to go wrong.

Medical Tests Men Need in Their 20s

  1. Testicular Self-Examination
  2. Vaccine Booster
  3. STD Check (Including HIV)

Medical Tests Men Need in Their 30s

  1. Cholesterol Profile
  2. Body Mass Index (BMI)
  3. Skin Check

Medical Tests Men Need in Their 40s

  1. Eye Examination
  2. Blood Pressure Check
  3. Blood Sugar/Diabetes Test

Medical Tests Men Need in Their 50s

  1. Colonoscopy
  2. Heart Health Check
  3. Prostate Cancer Screening
  4. Vaccine Update

Medical Tests Men Need in Their 60s and Beyond

  1. Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Check
  2. Vision Test
  3. Vaccine Update
  4. Bone Density Test
Medical tests every man needs for peace of mind and healthy life

Personalized health

In today’s changing world where the existing standards, institutions and values are constantly questioned, topics such as health and healthcare surface as important life issues for all of us. We notice, slowly but surely, that the current system, called also the mainframe healthcare (meaning hospitals, medical centres, institutions etc.), is giving more and more space to human, personalized care.

What does it mean?

These days,we are well informed about standard and alternative healtcare solutions for many diseases. We also know that there is this personal, internal wisdom about healthcare that arises from within: when we simply consider what are accessible, easy and, often, efficient things we can do for ourselves. This also means becoming proactive and understanding that prevention is the best path for good health. From this personal baseline we can start making more determined desicions that relate to our health which arise from the understanding that health care in the broad sense can be delivered in different ways and in different places – wherever we feel comfortable and happy.   

There are many reputable doctors and scientists that discourse in the area of self care and what can a person do for his/her wellbeing. Simply by changing our dietary habits, taking walks or other sport and recreation activities we can improve our daily living already. Then, taking a break and going to some sunnier, warmer places, especially during the colder period of the year, in a good company is also worth considering and actually doing, without spending a great deal. And, if combined with some smartly chosen healthcare solutions, like rehabilitation or wellness programmes, you can really reward yourself. 

The world is making steps towards personalized care and we should be encouraged to join in. Ask yourself what is the best care for you and then explore the ways to find it and enjoy it.

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