In today’s changing world where the existing standards, institutions and values are questioned constantly, the topics such as health and care surface as an important life issues for us all. 

We notice that, slowly but surely, the current system, called also the mainframe healthcare (meaning hospitals, medical centers, institutions etc.), is giving more and more space to the human, personalized healthcare.

What does it mean?

Today we are well informed about standard, alternative as well as other healthcare solutions for many diseases. We also know that there is this personal, internal wisdom about healthcare that arises from within. When sometimes we simply need to consider accessible, easy but often efficient things we can do for ourselves. This also means becoming proactive and understanding that prevention is the best path for good health. From this personal baseline we can start making more determined decisions that relate to our health. Those arise from understanding that health care in the broad sense can be delivered in different ways and on different places – wherever we feel comfortable and happy.

I’ve been recently listening to some interesting arguments relating to these questions and was additionally inspired speaking to our reputable Croatian academic and professor Vida Demarin, neuropshyiatrist and neurologists who touched the area of self-care and what can a person do for his/her wellbeing. By simply changing our diet habits, taking walks or other sport and recreation activities we can improve our daily living already. Then, taking a break and going to some sunnier, warmer places during the colder period of the year in a good company is also worth considering and actually doing, without spending a great budget. And, if combined with some smartly chosen healthcare solutions, like rehabilitation or wellness programs, you can really reward yourself.

The world is making steps towards personalized healthcare and we should be encouraged to join in. Ask yourself what is the best care for you and then explore the ways to find it and enjoy it!