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Wellbe Privacy Policy

By accepting this General Terms and Conditions, the Client allows Wellbe to collect and process Client’s personal information with the purpose to conclude a contract under this General Terms and Conditions and for other purposes prescribed by this General Terms and Conditions, all in accordance with this General Terms and Conditions.

On any visit to the web page Wellbe collects certain information like IP address, as well as the information on the web browser and the operating system being used by the user, application version, language choice and visited internet pages. If the Client is using the mobile device, Wellbe may collect the data which enable recognizing the mobile device, the settings of the device and information on latitude and longitude.


The primary purpose of using the Client’s personal data is to meet the Clients need to the highest possible degree.

The collected Client’s data may also be used in marketing purposes, if allowed by the law. For example:

  • During and after the booking, Wellbe is free to use the Client’s contact data for sending the news about similar products and services.  Upon Client’s consent Wellbe send newsletters by e-mail. It is possible to sign out at any time from receiving any marketing messages by clicking the “sign out” link in each newsletter.

Depending on the data the Client shared with us, personalized messages could be conveyed tomobile applications or other internet pages, including the social media pages.

  • During offer preparation Wellbe may contact the Client by phone.

Depending on the contact information the Client provided us with, Wellbe may contact the Client by e-mail, mail, skype, phone or SMS, in following cases:

  • when replying to the requests;
  • if the Client does not complete his booking online
  • for sending the questionnaire for assessing the service quality for sending the Client’s booking details
  • Market research
  • Detection and preventing the fraud: Wellbe can also use the personal data for discovering and preventing a fraud and other illegal or unwanted activities,
  • Improving the service: Wellbe uses personal data with the purpose of analysis in order to advance its services and improve the Clients experience and the functionality and quality of the service.

As the case may be, Wellbe can share the Clients data with third parties.

  • The relevant data shall be forwarded to the Medical Service Provider and/or Travel Services Provider therefore the Client could complete his booking.
  • Competent authorities: The investigatory and government bodies may access the personal data if so defined by the law or required for preventing, disclosure or investigation of criminal offences and fraud.
  • Business partners

Internet page is using cookies, respectively small quantities of data which are being saved by the internet page in the web browser of the Clients computer or mobile device. Internet pages do not have their own memory. If you are switching the web pages within one internet page, the system will not recognize you as the same user on all the pages. Cookies enable the system to recognize you as the same user on all the pages. Cookies furthermore enable to save your settings as for example language choice, the currency you are using and your search criteria. Cookies furthermore enable the system to remember you once you are back on a particular page.

The access to the Wellbe’s cookies is allowed exclusively to Wellbe. The cookies set by third parties can be accessed by the third parties.

According to the European data protection laws, Wellbe undertakes reasonable proceedings in order to prevent the unauthorized access and the misuse of the personal data.

For storage and protection of the data entrusted to us, Wellbe is using appropriate business systems and procedures, safety procedures and technical and physical restrictions of access and use of personal data on the servers. The access to the personal data is allowed exclusively to the authorized personnel for business purposes.

The Client’s credit card data – when required in the booking procedure – are stored not longer than for 10 days. After that, the credit card data are permanently deleted from the system or remain saved dispersed in the system with the purpose of misuse detection, unless chosen option is that the data are saved in the Client’s personal user account. In such case, the Client’s credit card data shall be saved in dispersed form, but without for last digits of the Client’s credit card number.

The services provided by Wellbe are not intended for the children of less than 18 years of age. Using any of our services is allowed exclusively with valid parents or curator’s consent. In case we receive any data by a person younger than 18 year of age, we retain the right to delete them.

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