Ramiza on Wellbe

Testimonial by Ramiza

This is my letter or better to say, my resume after four weeks spent in Opatija.

From the very first contact with you (Wellbe), I felt I came to the right place, with the true professionals, people who know what they are doing.

This was my second time in Opatija, however, this time in completely different circumstances. Still I can tell you from my heart that this time I was equally thrilled. Opatija is a real Adriatic pearl. Many call it the Adriatic Nice and I don’t think they are mistaken, especially as the prices in Opatija are much more affordable and attractive. Besides, there is a beautiful nature surrounding the place. In a short trip one can visit other interesting places nearby as well as the islands across the bay.

The staff from Villa Dubrava where I was situated did everything to make me feel pleasant and nice. Don’t want to miss out anybody: from ladies who clean the villa which is very nicely decorated, to the kitchen and restaurant personnel which made the food’s offer even so tempted, rich in flavors so that our bodies are well fed after daily trainings, swimming in the warm sea water pool, which relaxed me deeply.

The therapists are very professional, with rich experience and they do it by gently pushing us through certain demanding exercises and you cannot refuse them. I felt in person that they knew what they were doing. The problems I had, which were the reasons for me coming here were partly mitigated and some disappeared. I was wondering: is this possible?

I am grateful for the overall organization by Wellbe and for all, both small and big things they have done for me. I experienced the care and attention as well as professional help in the moment I needed them. It is not enough to say that I had a great time, it was more than that; it was an amazing rehabilitation in Thalassotherapia Opatija.

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