Exceptional results in treating respiratory diseases in children, adults and senior citizens

Convalescence and rest in this extraordinarily favourable climate, with 2500 hours of sunlight per year, in a natural cove with crystal clear sea.

Respiratory disorders indications for treatment programmes:

  • Subacute and chronic inflammation of the sinuses, nose or throat
  • Allergies and vasomotor disease of the upper respiratory system
  • Vocal cord disease (functional, professional)
  • Post-surgical condition of the region within the upper respiratory system
  • Condition after radiotherapy and chemotherapy due to malignant disease of the upper respiratory system
  • Bronchial asthma
  • COPB (Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease)
  • Bronchiecstatic Lung Disease
  • Chronic bronchitis – smoker’s mucopurulent, deformed, simple
  • Professional lung disease
  • Postoperative condition of chest, bronchi and lungs or condition after radio and chemo therapy

Price information

Indicative prices including medical treatments, single room, full board:

Two weeks

  • Two weeks from 950

Four weeks

  • Four weeks from 1,700

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Standard procedure:

Exam and diagnostic:

  • Specialist check-up made by a respective specialist, diagnostics if necessary, analysis of the medical records presented by a patient, assessment made by designated therapist, defining functional status, prescribing of treatment plan.

Daily rehabilitation programme usually consists of 6 therapeutic procedures per day:

  • Breathing exercises near the sea or indoors in the group
  • Individual therapy with designated therapist, in accordance to a specific treatment plan
  • Inhalation therapy with seawater, essential oils and medications,
  • throat and nose scrubbing,
  • vibrational massage,
  • postural drainage,
  • aspiration by Proetz

The overall daily programme of therapies usually takes 4 to 5 hours.


Accommodation and board services:

  • Single or double room 3*: air condition, TV/SAT, phone, little fridge, depot, bathroom (shower, hair dryer), balcony, seaside, free Wi-Fi. Rooms for disabled persons available.
  • Full board or half board: All meals are served in central restaurant, buffet style. Meals for disabled persons are served in the room.


The recommended stay and treatment time is from two to four weeks.

In Thalassotherapia Crikvenica the experiened specialists combine the principles of thalassotherapy with the latest achievements in modern medicine.

Crikvenica is located 35 kilometres south of Rijeka and only 20 kilometres away from the Rijeka airport. The other nearby airports are: Pula (144 km), Trieste (146 km), Ljubljana (175 km), Zagreb (180 km) and Venice (257 km).

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