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Medical Rehabilitation

Why is medical rehabilitation important?

Medical Rehabilitation Abroad

Medical rehabilitation is a branch of medicine, which aims to improve, enhance and optimise the physical functionality and quality of the lives of patients who have physical impairment or other disabilities. The major concern that medical rehabilitation deals with is the ability of a person to function optimally within the limitations placed upon them for which there is no available cure at present.

The outcome of medical rehabilitation will always depend on the nature of disability as well as of patient’s motivation. That is why the methods of medical rehabilitation services include patient education, the assessment of the degree of the function impairment through different tests, the treatment of the underlying disease in collaboration with other doctors, with medication, physical therapy and exercise, use of artificial aids, speech therapy and psychosocial support.

Why medical rehabilitation abroad?

Everybody strives to live an independent and safe life. This reality is of the utmost importance to people, no matter the age or circumstances. At the moment when undesired situations happen such as injuries, diseases or other loss of normal functioning, then the need for a timely, well-chosen and professional medical rehabilitation comes sharply into focus. It will help one’s recovery – complete or to the maximum extent possible so that a person can continue with ordinary activities. In the case of chronic painful conditions, medical rehabilitation helps by easing pain and other abnormalities. After an appropriate intensive, well planned medical rehabilitation programme it should be possible to obtain and maintaining good health for a long time afterwards.
Through Wellbe you can be properly directed and connected to the most suitable medical rehabilitation partner of our partner clinics in Croatia. All of them possess in-depth knowledge, a long tradition and a wealth of experience that has made them widely recognized as successful experts in the field of medical rehabilitation. During your stay, we offer you dedication and care in a carefully planned programme designed to suit your particular rehabilitation needs. All this is provided in the beautiful, warm and sunny country of Croatia.

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Rheumatic rehabilitation and treatment abroad

Let Wellbe know all about your specific issues and wishes regarding medical rehabilitation of chronic rheumatic diseases of bones, joints and spine. We will compose a programme for you either at one of our thalassotherapy medical rehabilitation resorts or at an alternative partner medical rehabilitation polyclinic or medical rehabilitation hospital. Outstanding results have been achieved in treating rheumatoid arthritis (RA), degenerative rheumatism, inflammatory rheumatism and many other painful conditions.

Years ago, some of our partner hospitals had established co-operation with Scandinavian insurance companies who had clients requiring rheumatologic rehabilitation. They are currently reviewing and renewing these partnerships in rehabilitation care in order to meet all the demands of up to date practices and conditions required by international insurance companies who handle clients with needs for rheumatic rehabilitation services. Wellbe’s aim is to ensure that all concerned are aware of the medical rheumatic rehabilitaion programmes that are available.

Physical rehabilitation

Physical rehabilitation as a part of medical rehabilitation focuses on your strength, mobility and fitness. In any period in life you may need to regain your strength, relearn skills or find new ways of doing things you did before.

The international recognition of several reputable polyclinics, all Wellbe partners, comes from their successful rehabilitation of patients with acute disease or following sport and other injuries and surgeries by the bespoke treatments they have provided. Many well-known athletes from football, tennis, skiing, handball and others sports have visited our partner clinics for their physical rehabilitation because of their reputation for dedication and success.

Example of a physical rehabilitation package individually planned:

  • 9 a.m. guided exercises in the therapeutic pool with warm water
  • 10 a.m. individual therapy: manual massage, magnet or electro therapy, warm wraps, other rehabilitation therapies according to individual needs
  • 12 individual physical exercises
  • 13 and on time for lunch and free time for relaxing walks, sightseeing

Respiratory rehabilitation for functions and treatments of allergies

Our partners offer a complete service of respiratory rehabilitation, for both children and adults, in otorhinolaryngology, pulmonary and internal medical services. The respiratory rehabilitation includes examinations by specialists and treatment of upper and lower respiratory tract diseases utilising the latest of scientific advancements together with follow-up physical therapy and respiratory rehabilitation within the treatment centre .  A team of specialists provides a full range of respiratory rehabilitation treatments and includes: pulmonologists, cardiologists, allergy specialists, otorhinolaryngologists, physical medicine specialists, physiotherapists and nurses. Special emphasis is paid to thalassotherapy and climate therapy, which implies the application of physical and chemical factors, characteristic of the sea and coast, in respiratory rehabilitation therapy procedures.

Cardiovascular rehabilitation

Modern cardiovascular rehabilitation, following the latest findings of world Cardiac Rehabilitation Association, promoted as a multifactorial, comprehensive process that includes clinical support and intervention in controlling the symptoms of the disease and the evaluation and correction of cardiovascular risk.

A professional team of doctors performs specialists and cardiovascular diagnostic examinations for patients.

Cardiovascular rehabilitation treatment options are: medical individual or group exercises, breathing exercises, interval training on a bicycle ergometer, field cure, telemetric monitoring of cardiovascular rehabilitation procedures and modification of health risky habits.

Psoriasis rehabilitation and skin diseases treatment

A specific medical psoriasis rehabilitation for psoriasis and neurodermitis is provided in our partner hospital for rehabilitation (situated near Zagreb), applying naphthalan and salty thermal water as natural therapeutic agents. Psoriasis rehabilitation through this natural treatment has been increasing in last couple of years and our medical partners have achieved great results in the field of psoriasis rehabilitation and other skin diseases treatments. This highly experienced medical staff report good results in curing these acute and chronic skin diseases, so much so that their expertise has been recognized within Danish and Norwegian public healthcare institutions.

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