Modern cardiovascular rehabilitation is promoted as a multifactorial, comprehensive process that includes clinical support and controlling the symptoms.

Modern cardiovascular rehabilitation, following the latest findings of world Cardiac Rehabilitation Association, promoted as a multifactorial, comprehensive process that includes clinical support and intervention in controlling the symptoms of the disease and the evaluation and correction of cardiovascular risk.

The motto of our partner hospital for cardiovascular rehabilitation approach is based on the following principles:

  • Rehabilitation is an integral part of the treatment in general,
  • It must be not only physical but also psychological,
  • An active procedure in which the patient is actively involved must exist,
  • In case of ‚Äúpreventive rehabilitation‚ÄĚ the person having the risk factors, must start with proper training already in the youth.

Within the hospital for cardiovascular rehabilitation, apart from providing cardiovascular rehabilitation for patients with acute myocardial infarction, aortic coronary bypass and inserted artificial valve, it also provides rehabilitation for the most severe patients requiring special care such as transplanted patients, or patients with cardiac failure.

A professional team of doctors performs specialist and cardiovascular diagnostic examinations for patients.

Cardiovascular rehabilitation treatment options are:

  • medical individual or group exercises,
  • breathing exercises,
  • interval training on a bicycle ergometer,
  • field cure,
  • telemetric monitoring of cardiovascular rehabilitation procedures and
  • modification of health risky habits.

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