A specific medical psoriasis rehabilitation and neurodermitis is provided in our partner hospital for rehabilitation (situated near Zagreb), applying naphthalan and salty thermal water as natural therapeutic agents.

The highly experienced medical staff report good results in relieving and sometimes curing these acute and chronic diseases, so much so that their expertise has already been recognised within Danish and Norwegian public healthcare institutions.

The main therapeutic procedure in psoriasis rehabilitation is around 15 minutes immersion in the dark brown liquid called “naftalan” that is used to fill the therapeutic baths.

The therapeutic power of the oil, which is a petroleum mineral oil obtained by the distillation of naphthenic oil, is very well known to medical experts around the world as well as to those patients who regularly come back, year after year, in order to keep their condition under control. After naftalan psoriasis rehabilitation, patients find that remission from the disease is such that a patient can stay in this improved condition from six months up to a whole year.

Thanks to the exchange of information between the skin specialists and the patients, the hospital has developed a good and focussed programme for psoriasis rehabilitation and skin diseases that is adjusted to each individual’s case and is carefully organized.

Out of the usual 21 days of their stay for the psoriasis rehabilitation, 18 days are spent under some of the therapy. The patients are advised to use their Sundays to relax in the wellness zone, take walks or go for excursions.

The friendly staff can speak English and German.

Each group is allocated a nurse they can refer to on a daily basis if they have any problems or requirements.

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