Our partners offer a complete service of respiratory rehabilitation, for both adults and children, in otorhinolaryngology, pulmonary and internal medical services.

The respiratory rehabilitation includes examinations by specialists and treatment of upper and lower respiratory tract diseases.

We are utilising the latest scientific advancements together with follow-up physical therapy and respiratory rehabilitation within the treatment centre .

A team of specialists provides a full range of respiratory rehabilitation treatments and includes: pulmonologists, cardiologists, allergy specialists, otorhinolaryngologists, physical medicine specialists, physiotherapists and nurses. Special emphasis is paid to thalassotherapy and climate therapy, which means the application of physical and chemical factors, characteristic of the sea and coast, in respiratory rehabilitation therapy procedures.

Our partner hospital, a special hospital for respiratory rehabilitation, has conducted several scientific research projects during the last 20 years, specifically with the focus on the rehabilitation of children with allergic diseases. Rehabilitation of allergic diseases, primarily asthma and recurrent obstructive bronchitis, is a powerful tool to achieve better control of  the disease.

The conclusion from all of this research is that the climate-thalassotherapy for respiratory rehabilitation is a successful method in achieving optimal allergic disease control resulting in a reduction in the dosage of medications and a reduction in the number of exacerbations. It helps to reduce the expense of treatments to the health system and benefits the patients by providing a better quality of life for those patients.

This programme combines sterilized sea water vapour inhalation, the inhalation of essential oils, tailored breathing exercises together with the climate effect. The climate-thalassotherapy respiratory rehabilitation programme usually lasts two to three weeks but is specifically customized to meet the respiratory rehabilitation programme each patient needs.

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