Let Wellbe know all about your specific issues and wishes regarding medical rehabilitation of chronic rheumatic diseases of bones, joints and spine.

We will compose a programme for you either at one of our thalassotherapy medical rehabilitation resorts or at an alternative partner medical rehabilitation polyclinic or medical rehabilitation hospital.

Outstanding results have been achieved in treating rheumatoid arthritis (RA), degenerative rheumatism, inflammatory rheumatism and many other painful conditions.

Years ago, some of our partner hospitals had established co-operation with Scandinavian insurance companies who had clients requiring rheumatologic  rehabilitation. They are currently reviewing and renewing these partnerships in rehabilitation care in order to meet all the demands of up to date practices and conditions required by international insurance companies who handle clients with needs for rheumatic rehabilitation services.

Wellbe’s aim is to ensure that all concerned are aware of the medical rheumatic rehabilitaion programmes that are available.

Get in touch about rheumatic rehabilitation!