Wellness and SPA

Beauty, Wellness and SPA Retreats in Croatia

Among the variety of relax offers and SPA breaks, Wellbe chooses only a few alternatives. We work with partners that we know well and that would best suit your interest and health conditions while planning your wellbeing holidays in Croatia.

For more senior persons we recommend three wellness centres on Kvarner, near Rijeka. Some offer a long stay packages, minimum a month, with regular daily and weekly thermal spa treatments. In each of these centres and spa hotels there is a medical doctor present, so that an examination upon arrival as well as upon departure are provided. Some of these holiday spa centres have obtained quality standards in accordance with the German Wellness Association standards.

For more dynamic clients who come for short breaks and are interested in health and fitness, there is also a wellness package in Zagreb as well as on the Adriatic coast, in specialized hotels and health-fitness centres.

Needless to say, you will be surrounded with the natural beauty of the locations; skillful and friendly staff; and the possibility to organize trips and excursions in the surrounding areas.

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