For those who have been following Wellbe for some time it is not a news that we like sport. Not just one or two but all of them. Sport goes well with our business, too.

We have established partnerships with a number of reputable Croatian doctors, therapists who work in the area of sport as well as other specialists or dentists across the country.

In our last blog we wrote about the importance for a website to be easily accessible to all the „www“ visitors. Although Wellbe still has to improve that, we were pleased when our websites, as imperfect as they are, succeeded in attracting attention of the members of the Swedish handball party that visited Croatia on the occasion of the Men’s’ European Handball Championship that took place from 12th to 28th of January in Zagreb, Split, Varaždin and Poreč. I am sure that neither Croatian nor Swedish handball players nor supporters are completely satisfied with the final results although the Croatian team came fifth while the Swedish team won the silver medal. It was, overall, a great success, especially for the Swedes, but we know it made both teams not so happy, at least for those short moments that followed the matches.

In the margins of the excitements of the games, Wellbe met three members of the Swedish handball team party just because we were able to assist them when they needed some quick medical treatment. It was a good experience for our team and, and, which is more important, it felt really great being able to help at the right moment, when needed.

One of the purposes of our work is to offer help for international travellers of any kind when they are in Croatia and when a need arises. We can certainly tick on that one with good feeling and confidence in our doctors – partners and in ourselves as swift facilitators.

We will continue to follow and inform you about sport events and bring more good news coming out from them.