What will you do when you could choose not to work? Probably, you’ll start with good, long holiday or just rest for a while. But then, you’ll starting moving around, looking for something to do. 

Being active, useful and contributing is our true nature.

Yes, there are some place where attitude towards work is full dedication, strong motivation and fun, while somewhere else people are less happy with what they do or with the atmosphere they work. Sometimes employers are very demanding, with little or no compassion for employees’ needs or their specific situation.

Even if you love your job, it’s common to feel burnt out from time to time. Perhaps you just wrapped up a big project and are having trouble mustering motivation for the next one. It could be that your home life is taking up more of your energy than usual. Or maybe you’re just bored. What is the best way to recharge? Are some forms of rejuvenation better than others? How do you know if what you’re feeling is ordinary burnout or something else, like chronic dissatisfaction?

Burnout — the mental and physical exhaustion you experience when the demands of your work consistently exceed the amount of energy you have available — has been called the epidemic of the modern workplace. “There’s no question that we’re at greater risk of burnout today than we were 10 years ago,” says Ron Friedman, the author of the book, The Best Place to Work: The Art and Science of Creating an Extraordinary Workplace. In large part, it’s because we’re surrounded by devices that are designed to grab our attention and make everything feel urgent.” Heidi Grant Halvorson, a social psychologist agrees and says: “There’s a lot of pressure in this 24/7 cycle. It can lead you to feel lethargic, stressed, and depleted — literally spent.” So you need to find ways to “recharge.”

There are number of books, articles and consultants or life coaches who can tell you how to help yourself when the burnout symptoms are coming up. For example, to take breaks during the working hours by just leaving your work place for a while to go for a short walk or run, as well as suggesting that you take the most challenging tasks of the day first thing in the morning.

Another good thing to do is to put away your digital devices and decide not to be available 24/7. Usually, things can wait till tomorrow.
I like the idea of doing something interesting during my time-off which will keep me focused completely, such as cooking or going out to watch a play, or play chess, read a book. Anything that consumes your attention that way will give you in return more energy than just relaxing on the sofa.

Taking long weekends have been my favorite because you don’t feel guilty for just two-three days away and you can more easily let go work pressure then, feeling wonderful and light.

Really, there is a whole list of things and great ideas you can check and implement to gain back your work-life balance.

Now, Wellbe offers a number of possibilities for great relaxing time through our network of partners in Croatia but also abroad. They are nice, pleasant but also great and successful educators and they use different methods to help you get back on track and continue living and working with new energy and motivation. These programs are happening in warm, pleasant environment in the North Adriatic, in Croatia, where you can at the same time enjoy good weather, delicious food and wine and rejuvenate. So, stay open for new, interesting opportunities with Wellbe and its partners.