Preventive health checks

Prevention is the guardian of your health!

  • Quick health screening results
  • Holistic approach with true interest in your wellbeing
  • Second or third opinion on area of special interest
  • Absolute privacy of screening results
  • Tailor-made package meeting your individual needs
  • Comprehensive health checks for your management and employees

Preventive Health Checkups

  • Stay healthy to perform and enjoy life as it should be. Wellbee offers wide range of experiened medical specialist in certified polyclinics with the best specialists and service in the region

  • In todays way of living, our health can be affected in several ways – regular, preventive healthchecks are good path to make sure all is in order
  • In addition to standard health check packages we will provide you with targeted diagnostics according to your individual needs or indication
  • Accomodation is organized in a nearby hotel or private aparttments. There are alternatives of your choice on locations
  • To complement you and your relatives/collegues stay, we can offer, together with our local partners, a variety of interesting tourist experiences – cultural, sports or eno-gastronomic programs
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Heart status

Here we provide a basic control of your heart status. Following standard testing, we go through the results together with the doctor-specialist to help interpret the findings. Recommendations are presented when asked for or needed.

Vascular checkup

Vascular status is important to have in place. With todays new technology many of the early signs of ageing can be handled with lifestyle adjustments and efffective medicines. This is a fact often missed in the ordinary care where time is too scarce.The vascular checks further encompass a general examination, comprehensive consultation and an extensive findings report.

General Checkup for men

It is better to be proactive about your health than wait for something to go wrong.There are medical tests designed especially for men, from early age, such as 20-ties through early and than matured years, till the senior age. It is never to early not too late to take care of yourself.

General Checkups

General Checkup for women

Regular preventive health check ups can help you stay healthy and gain your peace of mind. These check ups should be well organized, with individual approach, adjusted to your needs, performed in complete privacy and discretion. Why not doing it during a long weekend away, with friends or family, in a reputable and trustworthy polyclinic within our network of partners?

General Checkup
Aditional Checkup

Diabetes preventive screening or status checkup

Diabetes is a silent bad companion to around 10% of the population worldwide. Testing for this condition is the specialised service provided by our partner polyclinic in Zagreb.  It could be a good idea to visit a specialist and check your status in this regard as well as to receive specific advice for your own diet and life style.  At the same time, you can undertake a deep cardiological examination, since the two are often interconnected and in our case, the two specialists, diabetologist and cardiologist work together in this reputable polyclinic in Zagreb. Also available is hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatment for diabatic foot, so please feel free to contact us for more details.

Comprehensive diabetes screening (preventive or control)

  • The first diabetologist check, OGTT, specialist advice and therapy
  • Basic LAB test (HbA1c, lipidogram, creatinine, AST, ALT, urin, alb/kreat, eGFR)
  • Cardiologist examination: ECG + ergometry (stress test) and heart color doppler and color
    doppler of the legs and jugular veins

Skin and anti-age program

Starts with a dermatologist exam and dermatoscopy to check your skin.  Primary care doctors are not skin specialist, so do not compromise. Some melanomas are difficult to distinguish from atypical moles. Pathology lab test will be performed when indicated.

Dermatologists from our partner clinics in Zagreb or Rijeka will review the findings and interview you to understand your preferences and wishes. We can offer implementation plans including: surgical excision (moles, lesions), scars corrections as well as laser rejuvenation, fillers and other non-invasive anti-aging treatments.

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