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Modern medical institutes have many decades of treatment working both individually and in groups with patients suffering from painful conditions caused by rheumatic diseases.

In only two hours flight from almost any airport in Europe and a short bus ride you will find yourself breathing in the clear Mediterranean air of the pretty towns on the the Croatian Adriatic that offer medical treatments for rheumatic patients.

You will be pleasantly surprised by modern medical institutes and polyclinics that combine the principles and latest achievements in modern medicine with long tradition and experience. They have many decades of treatment working both individually and in groups with patients suffering from painful conditions caused by rheumatic diseases.

Besides the Adriatic sea health resorts, there is one special type of treatment for inflammatory rheumatic problems located inland, nearby Zagreb, Croatian capital. It uses Naphthalan, the natural mineral oil, which is a natural therapeutic agent, recognized today in modern medicine for these treatments.

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Indications for treatment program:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis,
  • Arthrosis of joints, hip, spine,
  • Pain in the neck and back (spondylosis, sciatica, lumbago, diseases of cervical and intervertebral disc)

Our rheumatic diseases treatment packages

Thalassotherapia Crikvenica rheumatic medical treatment

Thalassotherapia Crikvenica is a modern medical institute that combines the principles of thalassotherapy with the latest achievements in modern medicine, which yields exceptional results in treating diseases of the musculoskeletal and respiratory systems in children, adults and senior citizens.

Standard procedure for the patients with rheumatic diseases using rehabilitation programme:

Examination and diagnostic:

Specialist check-up made by physical medicine specialist, analysis of the patient’s medical records, diagnostics if necessary, assessment made by physiotherapist, defining functional status, prescribing of treatment plan.

Daily medical treatments programme (usual):

  • Indoors or outdoors warm up exercises in the group 1x a day, 5 days a week
  • Exercises in the therapeutic pool with warm water (33-34 °C) or in the Hubbard bath for disabled persons, 1x a day 5 days a week
  • Individual manual massage with physiotherapist or/and magnet therapy, electro therapy, ultra sound, warm wrap and similar procedures, 1x a day, 5 days a week
  • Individual physical therapy

Accommodation and board services:

  • Single or double rooms, minimum 3*: air condition, TV/SAT, phone, little fridge, depot, bathroom (shower, hair dryer), balcony, free Wi-Fi. Rooms for disabled persons available.
  • Full board or Half board: All meals are served in central restaurant, buffet style,
  • Free usage of the swimming pool, gym

Travel and excursions:

Several half-day or daily excursions in the surrounding are offered on the spot, such as.

  • visit to the interesting historic and cultural sites
  • tasting local food, extra quality olive oil and fine wines
  • visit to one of the national parks

Other important information

  • Return flights organized either on your own or through our partner travel agency
  • Bus/van transfers to and from the airports in Croatia organized by our partner travel agency

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