Price Guide for Wellbe Services

Price guide for Wellbe services

The detailed description of the medical and travel (as the case may be) services, price, the manner and terms of payment shall be determined by the contract concluded between the Client and Medical service Provider and/or the Client and Travel Services Provider respectively.

Services are paid directly to Medical Service Provider and/or Travel Service Provider based on the issued offer or invoice.

The detailed specification of accommodation, transport and transfer shall be contained in the agreement to be concluded between the Client and the Travel Services Provider. The services are paid directly to Travel Services Provider based on the issued offer or invoice.

Should the Client, for any reason whatsoever, cancels the Medical Services defined in the Agreement, the Medical Services Provider will retain 15% of the agreed Medical Service price. The Client’s failure to arrive at the agreed time for the Medical Services, shall be also considered as the cancellation.

For more details, please read our Terms and Conditions.

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